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    Trahn Knee

    Years ago I was working as a contract engineer for LockHeed, an American aerospace manufacturing company. The company's engineers had designed and fabricated a complex data-logging computer, it was a CMOS computer, one of the first. It logged 1024 sensor channels. It worked great, some of the time, but inexplicably, it would stop working for periods of time. Dozens of engineers worked to find the problem. I was hired to help in that search. One of the first things I checked was the power-switch, yep it was switched on, then I opened the panel and checked the power-bus. It seems somebody had forgotten to attach the power-bus to the switch contacts. Since the computer was a CMOS system, when there was ANY "1" bits applied to any of the inputs, there was enough leakage (1970s) to enable the computer to actually function. Hah hah. It was my shortest contract job in my entire career. 15 minutes. :)) Power helps.


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