USB dongle not inserted, changes not saved



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    Henry Beck

    I can't seem to recreate that problem here with the version you mention. Are you able to share any more details about your setup. Which OS are you using? When you say the program exits, does it crash or hang or do you get some kind of error message?

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    D Brown

    I'm using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit on a surface book. I have the USB dongle in a USB docking station along with monitors etc and so I disconnect the dock and walk elsewhere in the building with Crossworks open.

    If I then make changes and hit F7 to compile it warns me I'm not using a valid licence and shuts down with changes still outstanding. This is not the big warning that says "Evaluation Mode" at the top of the dialogue box. It says "Evaluation agreement has been declined, CrossStudio for ARM will now shut down." It then shuts down whilst there are unsaved windows.

    It's very intermittent it seems though... but also very annoying when it happens.

    I can make it happen every time by pressing escape on the big warning that says "Evaluation Mode" but this isn't how it normally happens, kind of does the same but without the large "Evaluation Mode" dialogue to preempt it.

    Hope some of that helps a bit.

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