Cannot connect from CrossStudio over USB to FRDM-KL27Z, but I can download the .bin



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    Works very well now. Thank you Michael.

    Details of steps performed:

    I updated the bootloader on the FRDM-KL27Z eval board with DAPLink rev0242 from the NXP website above, then downloaded and installed the mbed Windows serial port driver (mbedWinSerial_16466.exe) from (  The LED associated with the K20 MCU, which handles the USB/DAPLink connection to the eval board, operates differently than with the OpenSDA firmware. The Windows device shows up as a removable disk, just as with OpenSDA, but the name of the device is "FRDM-KL27ZD" where the 'D' signifies DAPLink. (Using OpenSDA, the device name was "FRDM-KL27Z" without the 'D'.  

    I only installed the mbed serial port driver. Do I also want to install the mbed drivers for COM and LPT?

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