Support of Microchip-Atmel SAM E5x series cortex M4F MCUs




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    Tero Koskinen

    If you have active support contract, you can ask privately for SAME5x support package. I got mine few months ago last year.

    It was missing flashloader for example, but was better than nothing.

    I also noticed that you had to use JLink/SAM ICE to debug the chips, Rowley Crossconnect Classic didn't work for some reason.


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    Jon Elliott

    The SAM D5x/E5x support package has now been released.

    @Tero, the package has changed somewhat from the early version we sent you. The issue with using CrossConnect / CMSIS-DAP should now be resolved.

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    Tero Koskinen

    Thanks Jon. Installed the released SAM D5x/E5x support package and CrossConnect now works with SAME54 evaluation kit.

    However, CrossConnect doesn't seem to work with my custom SAM D51J20A board, while Atmel SAM-ICE (JLink for Atmel devices) works. But as my custom SAM51 board is still just some wires on a breadboard, I suspect the problem is more likely on my end.


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