Crossworks terminates when connecting to Target (MSP430)


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    Steven Burck

    I have two USB FETs, both are HW version 1.4a. One of them has been on-loan for ages at a customer's who are running an older version of Crossworks (for MSP, I have version 2.2, they are on 1.4), and when they gave me their product, they gave it to me with the FET attached. After playing around an hour or so, I remembered that I had the other FET, and tried with it.

    After having seen your comments, I noticed that the two FETs were loading different USB drivers - the one they gave me was loading the VCP drivers (which should have worked, I believe, with the non-V3 driver, but it kept crashing), and the other (mine from the closet) which was running the newer CDC driver. When I attached it, Crossworks asked to upgrade the firmware (see note below), which I agreed to. I then loaded their project, tried to download, and it crashed, but then I realized it was probably still trying to load the non-V3 driver. I brought Crossworks up again, loaded the project, in the project changed to the V3 driver, and now it works.

    If you look here:there is a lot of information about the FET (although I didn't bother to do it because of the two FETs I have). 

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