CrossWorks for ARM V3 - New GCC Sections



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    Michael Johnson

    This happened years ago.

    The linker script generator works around it in th edefault case

          else if (name==".dtors")
            inputSections = "KEEP (*(SORT(.dtors.*))) KEEP (*(.dtors)) KEEP (*(.fini_array .fini_array.*))";
          else if (name==".ctors")
            inputSections = "KEEP (*(SORT(.ctors.*))) KEEP (*(.ctors)) KEEP (*(.init_array .init_array.*))";

    You would have problems if you have specified the input_sections in your placement file.

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    Wolfgang Hill

    Thanks for that Michael.

    Our company is not known for being fast-moving - in fact neither is our whole industry. We are just now in the process of upgrading from CrossWorks v2.1 to v3.

    We had indeed specified the inputsections in our placement file (as our starting point was the one provided with the STM32 CPU Support Package v2.something). I have updated it to be the same as you have above - which of course means thumb_crt0.s doesn't need to change.

    Thanks again for your help. Much appreciated.

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