Uninstall CrossWorks under MacOSX



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    Jon Elliott

    Hi Jeff,

    To uninstall CrossWorks for ARM 3.1:

    1. If CrossStudio is running, shut it down.
    2. Open the Applications folder in Finder.
    3. Drag the CrossWorks for ARM 3.1 folder to the Trash.

    To remove CrossWorks for ARM 3.x user data:

    1. Open Finder.
    2. Go to the $HOME/Library/Rowley Associates Limited/CrossWorks for ARM directory.
    3. Drag the v3 folder to the Trash (the user data is shared for all 3.x releases so you should only delete it if you've uninstalled all version 3 installations).
    4. If you want to delete user data for all versions of the software, drag the CrossWorks for ARM folder to the Trash as well.



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    Jeff Brower

    Got it, thanks Jon.

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