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    Hi guys,

    Can you take a look at my question above?  I've seen the answer to a similar question here:


    But would like to know if you could provide some details similar to the post above w/r/t project setup, if you have done it before, and how debugging is accomplished?  



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    Paul Curtis

    As far as I am aware, one of the M0 processors is actually fairly limited.

    Multicore debug is possible on 4350, and 4370 also, but managing a 4370 is going to be fairly difficult with so much processor stuff going on.  Are you sure you want to debug your app with three processor chatting and running?  That's going to be fairly difficult.

    There's nothing stopping you creating a project for it, but if you need assistance, create a ticket and see if Michael can help.

    I seem to remember that the LPC-Link II has a 4370 on it, and we have a board support package for that!

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