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    Paul Curtis

    > The only place I can see to add it is in the common configuration of the STM32_Startup.s file..

    No, you place it in the Release configuration.  You can set this in the Properties Window after selecting the project node.  You will need to change the Properties Window configuration dropdown to select Release configuration.

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    Peter Lissenburg

    OK that sounds straight forward, but still not getting it right. (I'm using version 3RC).

    I have an active config of "THUMB Release", I click on the project node which expands to see my project files, in the properties window I select the Release Config, (Public or Private I tried both). I see under (Favorites) Preprocessor Definitions select and type in STARTUP_FROM_RESET.


    If I expand the "Project Properties"  I see (Favorites) Preprocessor Definitions, select and add it here as well, which now looks like this

    assert_param(expr) ((void)0);

    And still in the file STM32_Startup.s, STARTUP_FROM_RESET is not defined.

    I can add it in manually and it works.

    Pete L

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    Richard Webb

    Pete, there is more than one way to do this. What I do is to right-click on the project name in the Project Explorer, and then click on Properties down at the bottom of the pop-up. This opens the Project Manager window. From there, select Release under Private Configurations and then scroll down to the Preprocessor Options. Add STARTUP_FROM_RESET to Preprocessor Definitions and then click the OK button.

    Sounds like a lot of steps but it really takes longer to describe it than to do it.

    Do ensure that you leave the Project Manager via the OK button and don't just close it with the [X] box.

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    Peter Lissenburg

    HI Richard, thanks for the detail, however if I follow your path, I don't have the "Preprocessor Definations" in the Preprocessor Options!

    All I see is

    "Ignore includes

    Preprocessor Undefinitions

    System Include Directories

    Undefine All preprocessor Definitions"

    I do have the option under Favorites at the top, and in there I see STARTUP_FROM_RESET already defined from my previous efforts.

    This all seems rather silly, I think I'll just mod the startup file when needed.

    Thanks for your help.


    Pete L.


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