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    Richard Webb

    Check the documentation or the help file for the functions defined in cross_studio_io.h, specifically the debug terminal input and output functions. Should work fine with your JLink.


    Quite a lot of functionality available there. I don't use it nearly to its full capabilities; mostly just a debug_printf() to the debug terminal along the lines of "Okay, I got this far and foo is equal to ..." kind of thing.

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    Peter Lissenburg

    Thanks Richard,

    OK, yes I can see there is a lot there. Never had that facility before so it might take a while to see more uses than just the debug_printf. But just that will be handy. Yes the Jlink works fine, curious how the data is accessed , but it works and should not interfere with other code.

    At the moment I'm quite bewildered at the number and type of properties and their application. I'm tending to leave them alone and just do it in the code.

    Thanks again.


    Pete L.


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