beaglebone/Sitara - link error with Sitara_Startup.s


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    frank meyer

    After leaving it resting for a while, I succeeded with the next step.

    I must admit, Cortex A bare-metal is quite new to me, so I'm "floating" here ...

    The build proceeded after manually adding a lib from /usr/share/crossworks_xxx/lib to the project. I chose libarm_v7a_vfpv3_d32_a_le_eabi.a, but I'm not quite sure about. BTW, what means the "_a_" part of the name ?

    And, I have changed the "GCC Target" property from "arm-unknown-elf" to "arm-unknown-eabi".

    I  suspect I made a gross mistake in the project setup, i.e. in the "New Project" wizard. Is there any documentation on how to do this for the AM335x ?

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