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    D Kaden

    I've wondered how to use waypoints also.  I figured it out.

    The waypoints are a list of locations in your files that you've navigated too.  The waypoints listed in the window act like the forward/backward history in a browser.  The line that the caret is on should be listed in the Waypoints window.  If you then right click and go to a definition, that location will appear in the list below your previous location.  The blue circles with the arrows are the navigate backwards and forwards buttons.  You can also use the keyboard Alt-Left and Alt-Right to go backwards and forwards in the list.

    Note that if you have the same version I do, version 2.3.5 for ARM, the waypoints window will not update as frequently as it should:  It only updates on every other click of the mouse.  For example, if my file has lines with "111", "222", "333", and so on, up to "666", in that order, and I click once on each line, in that order, the active line in the waypoint window does not show "111", then "222", then "333", and so on up to "666".  Instead, it shows "222", then "444", then "666", and does nothing when the other lines are clicked on.


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