A few questions regarding Crossworks



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    Dr Danish Ali

    I might be able to help with your point 5.

    I don't know the LPC4300, but earlier LPC microcontrollers (e.g. LPC2148) NXP put in a serial bootloader / in-system programmer (ISP) and provided a downloading program (Flash Magic?). If you have access to the serial port it uses, and the pin(s) used to select in-system programming then you can erase the LPC with Flash Magic and start afresh.

    For LPC2148 the select pin was P0.14 and the ISP used USART0


    Another thought to prevent killing further chips:

    For debugging purposes (where you define STARTUP_FROM_RESET to allow the code to run without being attached to the JTAG) add a couple of seconds delay at startup before you do anything (i.e. disable JTAG). This will give sufficient time for the JTAG to take over.

    Hope the above helps,


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    Mihai Dragan

    I'm not sure about the ISP on this setup but the second suggestion is very sensible and easy to implement. Would a simple delay at the start of the main function do the trick or should this delay be placed in the startup code ?

    Thank you for the suggestion :)

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