Question on Data Byte and Word Manipulation



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    Michael Freeman

    Use shift operator >>


    ByteWanted = (unsigned char)((LongData >> 0) & 0xff); //Always gets least significant byte


    ByteWanted = (unsigned char)((LongData >> 24) & 0xff); //Always gets most significant byte 


    This works no mater what endian the CPU is.




    Here are the macros I use:

    #define word_get_low_byte(val) ((unsigned char)((val) & 0xFF))


    #define word_get_high_byte(val) ((unsigned char)(((val)>>8) & 0xFF))


    #define dword_get_low_byte(val) ((unsigned char)((val) & 0xFF))


    #define dword_get_mlb_byte(val) ((unsigned char)(((val)>>8) & 0xFF))


    #define dword_get_mhb_byte(val) ((unsigned char)(((val)>>16) & 0xFF))


    #define dword_get_high_byte(val) ((unsigned char)(((val)>>24) & 0xFF))





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    Graham Cole

    Shift and AND is the way to go. It is fully portable and, in the case of ARM, it is efficiently handled - the ARM can shift by any number of bits in a single instruction.

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    Steve Tulk

    Thank You both for the replies. I was not aware that ARM did single cycle shifts of any size. That being the case, it is no doubt the way to go.



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