I can't get the HTTP Proxy to work



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    Jon Elliott

    You should be able to see the network log in CrossStudio's output window, to view this click View > Output to open the output window if it is not visible already and then select Network Log in the Show dropdown.

    Note that CrossStudio does not currently support proxies that require a username and password - if this is the case you may be able to work around this problem by using another proxy (for example squid) on your local machine to talk to your company proxy. If this isn't possible I'm afraid the only option is to use a web browser to download packages and view news feeds.

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    Wolfgang Hill

    Thanks Jon. Great stuff.

    The Network Log shows me messages like:

    readData: abort (id = 22, status = 407)
    readFinished: (id = 22, error = 1)

    ... which I am interpretting as HTTP Error 407 (Proxy authentication required - thanks Mr Google ;) Switching to a secret developer-only back-door proxy works with no problems.

    So I'll have a look at Squid, but it'll probably be manual package downloads for us.

    Thanks lots for your help.

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