V4.0.0 CrossStudio Tab Width 4 doesn't work



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    Jon Elliott

    Hi Kevin,

    It is working for me - the settings are in the Languages environment options group, so to configure tabs on C/C++ files you need to click Tools > Options... and set Languages > C and C++ > Tab Size to 4 and Languages > C and C++ > Use Tabs to Yes to make the editor insert tabs rather than spaces when indenting.

    It is possible you are using Text Editor > Formatting > Tab Width - this sets the tab width for the clang code formatter.



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    Dr Danish Ali

    If you're using gcc you might also add the additional C/C++ Compiler Option


    So gcc can know how far tab indentation is so it can correctly warn about indentation not matching the syntax, enabled by -Wall and -Wextra.

    I don't know if there's an equivalent for clang.

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