V3.7.7 pop up window warning about expired support period is not friendly


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    Henry Beck

    Hi Kenneth,

    We appreciate your taking the time to comment. The nag screen is not intended to blackmail customers into puchasing sua renewal. The nag screen appears if you decide to download a minor version release after your SUA expires. The nag itself appears once an hour during a build. CrossWorks remains fully functional in every other respect.  

    If you decide to roll back the version by one the nag screen will dissappear.

    I appreciate your comments, we are a small team and here at Rowley and I will ensure that everyone is aware of your thoughts on this.

    Please note that although your SUA has expired, there is a maintenance grace period of up to 12 months afer expiry. This means that the you can renew your sua at the standard renewal price during this time. You would then be entitled to an upgrade to CrossWorks for ARM v4.

    All the best

    Henry Beck

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