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Etiquette and how to use these resources

Who can use these forums?

These forums are open to all registered CrossWorks users and evaluators.  They can be viewed without logging in, but nobody can post to them unless they have registered for an evaluation or have a current CrossWorks license.  Hence, please be aware that your comments are on view to the world, and we're sure you'd like to be viewed in the best light.


What can I post here?

These forums are primarily to support CrossWorks users; however, it's appropriate that customers share information not only about CrossWorks, but about the targets that they use day to day.  If you've found an issue and want to discuss it with other CrossWorks users, please consider posting it to our User Forum.  Rowley Associates reserves the right to remove postings that it feels are inappropriate; but be assured, we are not going to censor problems.

Off-topic subjects are welcome as long as they're entertaining—boring off-topic subjects will be consigned to the bit bucket.  Suggestions for new features should be posted to our CrossWorks Suggestions feedback forum on UserVoice.



English is the language for technical manuals and business communication; and we are a British company, so please post in English.  We'll always respond in English.



Please be civil in these forums; do not berate other CrossWorks users or flame them.  These forums are for customer support, nothing else.  We will not tolerate bullying or flaming and your account may be suspended until you are rehabilitated.

If you have a problem with Rowley Associates and would like to flame us, please contact us rather than unproductive flaming in the forum.

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