Downloading a CrossWorks project with CrossLoad




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    Rich Moran

    I'm trying to use Crossload (Arm 2.07) on an LPC1768 with a Crossconnect without any success.

    Within Crossstudio I can compile and download it and it runs successfully after a reset.  When using crossload, (without recompiling the code) it will run after the download but not after a reset.  This is the commandline I'm using:

    "crossload.exe" -target usb -setprop "Adaptive Clocking"="Auto" -setprop "JTAG Clock Divider"="2" -setprop "Erase All"="No" -setprop "Fast Memory Accesses"="Yes" -solution SquidBootLoader.hzp -project SquidBootLoader -config "THUMB Flash Release BL"

    Any ideas what may be going wrong?

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    Paul Curtis

    This is the wrong place to add this comment; I suggest you download using CrossLoad, then attach with CrossWorks and use Verify to verify that what is programmed is what you think should be programmed in the IDE.  That is, are you really programming the same thing with CrossLoad that you are in CrossStudio?  If verification succeeds, you are programming correctly and there is no difference.  If there is a difference, then what you are loading with the two is different.  You should open a ticket.

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