Cannot identify target device: no error [MSP430]




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    Juan Fernando Balarezo

    Hi Paul,

    I've already tried all you said but i'm still having problems, when i work with the msp430.dll the write operation failed message appears, and when i work with the msp430_ti.dll the can't identify target device: no error appears, i already tried what you say and the solution for the write operation message, but i'm still having problems.

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    We had this issue with new boards.  kept getting can't Id target message.  We had not connected the test pin to the TIMSP-430UIF.  Reading the documentation, I interpret it to say that if you tie this high, the pins should always be in JTAG mode.  For some reason this does not work.  The processor does not reply to a query for the device type.  If we tie to the UIF test pin I see the reset and Test go high together.  Then the test pin drops momentarily and the processor replies after it goes back high.  From then on in a debug session both reset and test remain high. 

    Anyway I hope this helps someone.  If anyone has information on why the test pin cannot be tied to Vcc.  I would love to know.  The descriptions in the data sheet and the user guide imply to me that it could be tied high unless you need to use the pins for something other than JTAG.

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    Todd Hunter

    I have the same problem, however I have a method that works for me. 

    I used to use Cross Studio for MSP430 Ver 1.3, TI MSP-430FETUIF with target devices MSP430F1611, 169, etc. everything worked fine on one PC.  I then upgraded to Cross Studio 2.0.9 on the same PC and switched to MSP430F2618 - still everything worked ok

    I'm now using Cross Studio 2.0.9 and/or 2.1 on a 2nd PC.  When I first plugged in my FET, it asked to Upgrade my FET firmware - done.  I then got the "Can't identify target device: no error" message.  I can, however, connect to a MSP430F1611 target.

    If I now connect the TI FET to the original PC and run Cross Studio for MSP430 ver 2.0.9, it will re-download firmware to the FET and detect the MSP430F2618 target.  After this I connect the FET to the new PC and DECLINE the FET firmware Upgrade, and voila - it connects to the MSP430F2619, as well as the 1611, etc.  Cross Studio contionues to ask about Upgrading the FET firmware every time I connect to the FET, but I continue to decline it and all works well.

    Hope this helps troubleshoot this problem - or is it possible to obtain the original FET firmware for 2.0.9/2.1 in order to prevent Cross Studio from requesting the Upgrade?

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    Ankit Sisodia

    hi Paul,

    i'm using msp430 usb debug interface msp-fet430uif and during firmware update i plug up usb from laptop now msp-fet430uif don't work. please help me what can i do .....

    is there any Hard reset option in msp430 usb debug interface msp-fet430uif.

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