Application not starting up from reset (LPC2000)




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    Sam Wong

    I try to setting the "STARTUP_FROM_RESET", and **check the pin value of P2.10 is high, **but the result still the same.


    Attachment is the sample project, please verify my setting of project is correct. thanks

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    Jon Elliott

    You've not defined STARTUP_FROM_RESET, to do this:

    1. Right click on the Philips_LPC230X_Startup.s file in the project explorer.
    2. Select Properties.
    3. Add STARTUP_FROM_RESET to the Preprocessor > Preprocessor Definitions project property.
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    Sam Wong

    Noted. Problem solve, previous error is cause I add the **STARTUP_FROM_RESET to project properties, **not Philips_LPC230X_Startup.

    Thanks for help.

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    Gordon Scott

    Equivalent solution applies to STM32

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    Christoph Klein

    And to AT91SAMs ... nice. I was just going to ask ;)



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    Good advice. Attaching the debugger did indeed show I was off in the wilderness of the bootloader. Turns out I'd pulled P0.14 low through gross stupidity. Once pulled high then no problem.


    Many thanks!

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