"cannot find USB device..." error message




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    Blair Kingsland

    I have a similar problem with TI Evalbot and Stellaris ICDI target. Build error: "Cannot find any device with VID 0x1cbe, PID 0x00fd"

    The FTDI driver was up-to-date (I re-installed v2.6.00). I do not see OpenOCD/LibUSB. The target builds and loads properly with Keil MDK-ARM. 

    Is there a debugger configuration in CW?

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    Jarosław Karwik

    There is similar case you get USB FTDI error:

    cannot find FTDI driver for USB device (vid=0x0403, pid=0xA6D1, serial=, channel=0)

    I am using XDS100 v3  for Sitara ( AM3352) processor. I get this error each time I have another FTDI base device connected to my PC ( I do have at least 3 serial port FTDI based  devices). It does not matter what driver is being used - even if the same version of driver is used by all devices ( including my XDS100) this problem persists. It does not matter that the device PID is different ( just VID is the same as it supposed to be)

    BUT - If you e.g. open these serial ports ( with terminal program), this error disappears, then you can connect without any problems.

    I am not sure if this specific to  XDS100, but the nature suggest wider problem ( bug?) in handling FT2232 based devices.







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