"Undefined reference to '__cxa_atexit'" error message




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    Andy Heilveil

    I was getting "__dso_handled" not found, which was an operand to a call to __cxa_atexit.

    When I set the flag as per above the dso_handled went away, exposing my real problem (unrelated to this issue- using a module from my PC codebase generated a default destructor which chained down to an explicit destructor which had a 'delete' in it which dragged in malloc.o but I have removed the heap from my microcontroller specific code so malloc.o is unhappy)

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    Richard Willis

    An alternative *may* be to provide your own support for static global constructors/destructors as per this Wiki Reference;


    I did this just be adding the code above my main() function (with extern "C" wrappers, if main() is in a .cpp file)

    One advantage to doing this is it gives you a debugging hook into the base C++ code which is registering these destructors. You don't have to fill-in the function __cxa_atexit() either, just write an empty function. After all, its unlikely that your embedded project will ever have to deal with calling global destructors (unless you are implementing a full-blown OS w/ applications).

    The article also gives a good point that these registered destructors don't have to be from classes. You could register your own function which would then be called along with the class destructors, allowing C code to perform some clean-up task(s).


    // Mandatory global methods for C++ support

    extern "C" void __cxa_pure_virtual()


        // Do nothing or print an error message.


    void *__dso_handle = 0;

    extern "C" int __cxa_atexit(void (*destructor) (void *), void *arg, void *dso)




        return 0;


    extern "C" void __cxa_finalize(void *f)




     - Richard

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