Application not starting up after reset (AT91SAM7)




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    Marco Jakobs

    Another hint:

    If you encounter "Loader verify errors" or other occasional problems (CPU not halted) with Segger J-Link / Atmel SAM-ICE and AT91SAM7, set the reset type from "Default" to "8" in Targets -> SEGGER J-Link -> Properties -> J-Link -> Reset Type

    Reset Type 8 is the recommended Reset type for AT91SAM7 processors.

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    Nguyen Tien Hung

    Hi everybody, i haved a problem: target not run after flashing!

    In my design, JTAG' reset pin is not connected to Target's reset input.

    Normaly, must do reset action after flashing. But in this case is not such. I have to do uplug and plug again power cable so that target can run. If I connect my target to PC via RS232, it seems noisy data (or zero' value) transmitted forever. And my target is blocked  in that state.

    Target: Kinetis K20 (ARM cortex M4)

    IDE: Codewarrior 10.2

    Debugger: Multilink universal FX of PE micro.

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